[WATCH] Porter Robinson Posts Cryptic Video That Has Everybody Talking

It was a relatively quiet day in the music world today; a few festival lineup announcements and excitement for New Music Friday. However, around 5:30PM CST today, that all changed. Porter Robinson unexpectedly uploads a 3 minute and 40 second video to his YouTube page. And it’s an interesting one.

What’s Going On?

[embedded content]

Immediately, the cover photo is Porter holding his second album, Nurture, and photoshopped first album, Worlds, but with giant X’s through them. It also has the words “51 Songs DELETED“. Oh boy…

The video begins with a voiceover from a person named Louis who explains to the audience that his favorite musician, Porter Robinson, disappeared in 2024. Louis wanted to make this video to showcase all the work that Porter did. “How on March 1st, 2024, Porter deleted his entire discography and identity from the internet“.

It then moves on to begin going through Porter’s career from its inception. Then, it weirdly fasts forward, and jumps to the Worlds era, then Shelter, Virtual Self time period. Louis then mentions the time when Porter disowned all his music except 11 tracks in 2018 after frustration built within him after seeing fans leak unreleased music. At the same time, he was frustrated also with fans not interpreting and connecting with his new sound(s) and direction.

Narrator Louis then goes on about Nurture and the subsequent world tour and how 2024 was supposed to be huge for the producer but it all came crashing down as Porter became silent on socials once the tour was done. Then, on March 1st, 2024, in this video, Louis explains that fans on this date noticed that all of Porter’s socials were removed all his musical releases were removed from streaming platforms with no explanation. He keeps going on and on. At the same time, a static background sound increases in volume slowly as the frames speed up and then cuts to this:

…..and then….

Finally, there is a brief shot of www.porterrobinson.com before the video ends. When you go to the website, you are met with a ticketing countdown. There’s been a lot of analysis from fans the last two weeks about movements on the internet regarding Virtual Self and its website along with album 3. Who knows what’s going on but the Internet is ablaze with dissecting the video and finding any clues.

TOMORROW, MARCH 1ST, 2024, AT 12 PM EST, WE WILL KNOW MORE INFORMATION. Whatever Porter is doing, IT’S GOING TO HAVE EVERYONE TALKING. Come back here tomorrow to find out.