Rendr Drops ‘Betrayal’ Ahead of Upcoming LP Release

Rendr is a rising bass artist from Denver and he just started his awesome musical project earlier this year. On Rendr’s Spotify profile, he has already released two tracks, ‘Initiate’ and ‘Smokin’ Mids’, as well as a 4-track EP, Disfunction. Furthermore, he has a fantastic mix on SoundCloud that is nearly an hour with the name of ‘Phase One [MIX], which is also a must-hear. On November 30th, Rendr dropped his latest release, ‘Betrayal’, and it is a gnarly track that can bring the listener to a cyberpunk-like environment. Click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link to jam out to this wicked jam, which will start the weekend off with a bang. This track is a top release for anyone who is a big fan of bass music.

‘Betrayal’ from Rendr provides anticipation for the release of his upcoming LP

The track ‘Betrayal’ will be on Rendr’s upcoming debut 10-track LP. The LP will land on various streaming platforms on December 14th via the artist’s own label, Space Trash Records. As shown on his Spotify and SoundCloud profiles, the artist has provided bass music that is innovative and out-of-this-world. One example is this latest release, ‘Betrayal’, which combines glitchy rhythms, hip-hop beats, and a sonic soundscape that will feel like the listener feel like they are in the middle or even near the end of this century. Once more, check out ‘Betrayal’ in anticipation for the release of Rendr’s upcoming LP on December 14th.