REOS – SubHertz

REOS - SubHertz

79%Overall Score

• Techno twist with ‘Madox’ signature
• Dirtiness that propels the energy
• Huge breakdown before the final drop

Following the events of reviewing a couple of Big Room productions from REOS, I remained curious as to his Techno release on Madox Records titled “SubHertz“. It’s quite the fun since I appreciated the recent Hard Techno trend fastened together with Madox’s typical darker signature, all delivered in REOS’ dynamism. Plus a pinch of experimentation in the finale, as well.

It’s an athletic tune and does remind me that I am not the most devoted fan of this newly peaking sub-genre out there. Struggling with the overt minimalism on this drops singularly focused on the bass only, it lacks the ‘oomph’ of the other genres that I end up preferring.

Luckily though, “SubHertz” cohorts with a fascinating lead, introducing a lot of frenzy to the platter and effectively resolving my pet peeve. I can’t describe it thoroughly, for it has some old-school Techno features and gets augmented by a banging kick drum. It’s Techno alright, although the presence of other genres is present.

The breakdown is another peculiar occurrence, with lots (and I mean lots!) of elements in the breakdown imploding right before the finale, even more, frantic than before. The concluding section, which I particularly liked, is fascinating because of the ‘dirtiness’ of the main protagonists involved. That’s the power I want to feel on something that labels itself as a “Festival Techno” record.

REOS has maintained a good shape, and I wasn’t anticipating this Techno-enthused twist. Nevertheless, “SubHertz” contains the personality, perfectly representing the spirit of its enterprising label and most importantly, it’s damn entertaining!

You can listen to “SubHertz” here:

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