Revitalizing Deep House from JINGBY, Zach Fox, and Emma Castellino

Revitalizing Deep House from JINGBY, Zach Fox, and Emma Castellino

77%Overall Score

• Lo-fi touches throughout
• The vocals synergize with almost everything
• Passionate, serene experience

There’s a sense of calm and serenity while experiencing “Another Life” from JINGBY, Zach Fox, and Emma Castellino! This enticing Deep House number has been published on Afrojack’s WALL Recordings, an unusual choice considering the Dutch icon’s affection for underground selections. Nevertheless, this is a great pick and a lot to write about!

One can feel the lo-fi aesthetics embedded by Zach Fox (who also has a cozy sound signature, listen to “Whispering Rain” or “Let Go“) and the resonant experimental technique from JINGBY, all beautifully brought together by an emotional vocal act from Emma Castellino. The composition follows a minimal layout during the breakdown, gradually introducing the Deep House drop in a crescendo of emotions. Emma charges the atmosphere up together with percussions in the build-up. And the drop is so peaceful and relaxed, I can’t recommend it enough! Once again (if you missed the hints) the synergy with the vocal is smooth, and the percussions don’t invade too much which usually is a high risk in these kinds of tracks.

There were instances that didn’t click with me in the central section, where the base took pauses to let piano notes switch with another lead… while the outcome is experimental and opulent, I was a tad confused by the change in style. The wobbling lead in the finale, however, is a superlative choice for concluding the experience!

“Another Life” is a very balanced release, with a touch of velvety Deep House that paints a different shade on WALL’s already rich catalog. A welcome surprise indeed!

You can listen to “Another Life” here: