Rival, Whales, and Salvo Unite in a Hauntingly Beautiful Collaboration ‘Odd One Out’

Imagine a song that’s like a painting of emotions, created by bringing together talents from different parts of the world. That’s exactly what’s happening with the new track called ‘Odd One Out.’ This song is a result of teamwork between Rival, a DJ and music producer from Germany, Whales, a talented artist from Israel, and Salvo, who’s making waves with his bass-heavy music. The international collaboration is out now via Kannibalen Records.

The journey that ‘Odd One Out’ takes us on is like a rollercoaster of feelings. It starts with a mix of an enchanting piano melody and emotionally haunting vocals. Salvo’s enthralling vocals are especially captivating and tung onto your heartstrings. This part sets the mood for the whole story that the song tells. The story in the song is about feeling lonely and lost but finding a way to find yourself through rediscovery and strength. The words in the song tell us about the struggle of being different and feeling like you don’t belong. But as the music goes on, it’s like the song is saying, “It’s okay to be different,” and it gives us hope that we can find our place in the world. Rival’s production prowess takes center stage as the track evolves, showcasing his masterful ability to blend an array of sonic elements seamlessly. The propulsive bassline serves as a driving force, propelling the listener forward while resonating with the story the vocals paint.

Coinciding with the release, Rival is pleased to announce “INTRODUCING RIVAL”, an unparalleled live set to be showcased on YouTube on September 8. This is the first time he’s performing live, and it’s a way for people all around the world to be introduced to his depth as a producer and DJ.