Wax Motif Drops New Single ‘In My Hands’

Australian producer Wax Motif returns with his latest dance floor banger ‘In My Hands’ featuring Camden Cox. The track is out on September 1st via Insomniac Records.

‘In My Hands’ is a driving melodic house tune with luscious lead vocals from London-based singer-songwriter Camden Cox. The track sees Wax Motif evolving his sound. A pounding bass-heavy groove lends a darker edge to Cox’s sweet central hook. ‘In My Hands’ has proved to be an instant hit on the festival circuit. This, after the sucess of the track’s premiere only two days after its inception at EDC Las Vegas’ writing camp.

When talking about the collaboration, Wax Motif elaborates :

“During EDC Vegas I got asked to attend a session with Camden Cox who I had been meaning to work with for a while, and also these two awesome writers Emma Rosen and Sophie Cates.  We didn’t really have an idea to start with so we started from scratch. Thought it would be cool to do something pretty dark beat-wise which could make a cool contrast to Camden’s vocals. We finished most of it off that day and I dropped it in my sets a few days later to a really good response. Some final tweaks and here we are with the end result.” 

Check out Wax Motif’s ‘In My Hands’ and let us know what you think!