Rock Bottom Explores New Heights With Progressive House Anthem ‘Blue’

Have a listen to the beauty of a tune we recently came across.

We love to hear some tracks that are able to throw us inside a time capsule and send us back a handful of years, to a time when ravers were all united across the globe in the biggest mainstages of the leading EDM festivals. And, in our eyes (ears), we’ve found a very special tune that is able to do this very thing. Enter Rock Bottom.

Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom is the latest venture from experienced producer Linus Beatskip. For years a Techno producer, Beatskip decided to take another step in his career and try a lighter, more melodic approach to Electronic music. That’s when he decanted onto Rock Bottom, a side project that aims to become as big as his main alias.

The new name aims to bring together elements of Electro Pop and Big Room Techno into a lovely product that can shape the way new ravers approach the scene. In fact, Linus is launching an entire record label to celebrate and encourage others to join the movement. The imprint, called Beatskip Dance, will have its main focus on opening Rock Bottom’s approach to EDM to other artists.


Artist and producer Rock Bottom is bringing back the classic Swedish House we all know and love with ‘Blue’, a single that will instantly give you a slap of nostalgia and love for those who were once on top of the game, and who shaped the sound we used to hear everywhere, from the radio, to shopping centres.

Pianos, happy progressions, rolling basslines, uplifting vocals, and a pack of energy that screams 2012, all come together for Linus’ piece, which works wonders to remember what we’ve lost to time this past decade. It’s truly a journey into your inner, younger self.

Listen to Rock Bottom’s ‘Blue’ by interacting with the Spotify button linked below. Also, be sure to follow him on his socials. And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and reviews from our beloved EDM industry.