We’re Thankful For Our Team: The Producers and DJs of EDMTunes

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be thankful. We here at EDMTunes are thankful to have a very talented staff that includes many producers and DJs. They have been working on their craft for years, even decades. They present some of the freshest sounds in their respective genres and are pushing dance music forward. Without further ado, we present and showcase our amazing artists below.


Barkin fell in love with dance music many years ago after he attended his first music festival, EDC New York. He dreamed of one day being on stage, playing his music, and allowing others to lose themselves in the night, just as he had done.

The New York-based producer began his music production journey four years ago attending the prestigious Icon Collective Music School. He started in the Bass House circuit and has since evolved his sound into what he likes to call, Bass Techno. Barkin already has many releases planned for 2024. His music is filled with intensity while being beautiful and groovy at the same time. While his drops will get your feet moving, each track has a meaning to be unfolded.

Barkin has played at some of the biggest clubs in New York including opening for Galantis at Musica, Somewhere Nowhere, The Brooklyn Monarch, The Meadows, and Eris. He has had tracks signed to Blanco y Negro, Digital Empire Records, Liftoff Recordings, and more.

You can catch Barkin on Instagram and TikTok making people laugh with his content. Barkin’s vision is to make the masses dance and to make others happy. Get ready to move.



DJ & producer EddyThron knows no bounds. Thirteen years deep into the scene, he’s seen his sound explore various styles, from Progressive to Uplifting and Tech Trance. A Trance devoted from birth, his first official productions came out in 2017, and since then he’s continued to release music over the years.

In the search for variety and testing his own recipes, Eddy launched his Organic House subalias EddyThron pres. Aloft, aiming to experiment in new spaces, with the idea in mind to produce slower music that could evoke the feelings Trance can. Launched in late 2020 with his unofficial remix for Above & Beyond‘s ‘Solarized‘, EddyThron pres. Aloft saw quick acceptance and liking from listeners. A fan favorite, his Daft Punk ‘Veridis Quo‘ remix has been played around the world.

On that note, Eddy saw his project complete by creating ATOP, a DJ set concept that pairs Organic music and stunning aerial views. This was his dream for three years, and he could finally bring it to life this past April. He wants to share the first episode, recorded atop a balcony in Buenos Aires, Argentina, capturing the most stunning sunset and the lights over the City Of The Fury, as Gustavo Cerati would word it. Click here to watch it on YouTube, or alternatively, you can watch it below.

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Jaesyun is a queer DJ and Music Producer based in New York City. Classically trained from an early age in piano, violin, and the Chinese erhu, Jaesyun grew up with a passion for expressing himself artistically through music. After spending years attending dance music events, Jaesyun decided to put his musical background to work and start creating his own music. His sound, comprised of punchy basslines and intricate grooves, is inspired by high-energy bass music and the rich, queer history of house music. Jaesyun recently self-released a single: ‘Hype‘ so be sure to give it a listen.

Apart from playing venues across the New York City scene, Jaesyun has worked with some of nightlife’s biggest international LGBTQ+ party producers including Jake Resnicow, Poof Doof, and Ty Sunderland; and has been billed as support for artists like Party Pupils and J Worra. He also recently headlined NYC’s biggest Halloween Party: City of Gods with LGBTQ+ burning man camp, The Glamcocks. You can listen to the live recording here.

Lemony Snickettes

Lemony Snickettes has been a staple in the South Florida rave scene for well over a decade. His love for all genres has allowed him to venture musically into many different ones, avenues, and festival performances. He’s EDMTunes family, and a family man. With collabs of the likes of Happy Colors, Bonnie x Clyde, Clips x Ahoy, and many more. Check out our boy Lemony’s music below!

Mt. Sierra


Matt Sierra, professionally known as Mt. Sierra (A.K.A. Matt Yo), has honed his DJ skills in the vibrant Los Angeles underground House and Techno warehouse scene. Commencing his DJ journey in Japan while on active duty in the Navy, he has since graced renowned venues such as Avalon Hollywood, Academy LA, and Future Factory LA, and has played sets in San Diego, Las Vegas, Joshua Tree, and El Paso. While his first loves were Big Room and House music, Mt. Sierra’s appreciation for Techno and all four-on-the-floor beats has grown as his own producing skills have matured.

Being an Icon Collective alumni was not enough, as he is now about to graduate from the Los Angeles Film School with a Bachelors of Science in Entertainment Business. This dual degree exemplifies his strong commitment to the music industry as he now has knowledge and education in the production side of music as well as the business side, encompassing his expertise in the industry as a whole.