Roosevelt outshines with his latest EP, “Forevermore”!

• Dreamy and analog
• Plenty of funk
• Great vocal performances

Showing a penchant for scintillating synths and hypnotic rhythms, Roosevelt is a master at crafting. Look no further than his newest reveal, “Forevermore.” The EP contains five excellent dance-floor (and radio alike) numbers that are bound to sweep listeners with the swanky and sophisticated compositions.

Describing Roosevelt would require more than just words: the German alias has a superlative knack for putting together songs that range from VHS-era synth-pop to lush nu-disco, although not necessarily sticking to genre borders at all and embracing a creative sonic amalgam instead. Perhaps the greatest demonstration of this would be his 2021 album “Polydans,” which interestingly chose to be in a dreamy analog sound spectrum but opting a variety of production styles. And in the heart of it, the song is a love letter to electronic funk, remarkably similar to Daft Punk.

Here’s a breakdown of “Forevermore”:


The titular track starts with punk-rock-inspired drumming which gets embellished with washed-out guitars and a groovy bassline, as Roosevelt gets a charming mood ongoing with his vocals. Playful lead synths harmonize with the rest of the instrumentation for a sublime hook.

Ordinary Love

This one sets the mood to disco, a specialty of Roosevelt that even warranted him a collaboration with the bigwig Nile Rodgers. Washed-out guitar riffs and synths waltz gracefully to a lively bass guitar, while the vocals extend the production’s appeal further.


A more “get down on the dancefloor” kind of tune in the EP, “Luna” absolutely entertains with a chunky bassline that becomes the center of attention with a homage to old-school funk, as airy synths/guitars amplify the melodic aura.


“Paralyzed” continues the jazzy mood but with a nostalgic icing, using spread-out and spacious synths and electro-funk aesthetics to the fullest. The raw and potent bassline significantly makes this tune upbeat, and at one point the addition of congas give more of that vintage flair amidst the nu-disco tones.


Here’s where Roosevelt outdid himself, as usual- the song trades majestic grooves for a retro-flavored dance-pop affair. Dreamy synth sequences paint a serene mood over an elevating and progressive electro-pluck, as Roosevelt’s heartfelt vocals gets pleasantly distorted. “Rising” is all about the “vibe,” with singalong hooks and soaring synths dominating aplenty. In our opinion, star performer of this EP and a total belter from Roosevelt!