Ross From Friends drops melodic romper “Burner”

Ross From Friends, the UK based producer, not the goofy character from the TV show has been making a steady ascension over the years. His brand of lofty, white hot burning electronica has stood the test of time and remains as fresh as ever.

Part of that was the signing to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label and the release of his debut album ‘Family Portrait’ in 2018 that really helped the world take notice of this fairly unassuming producer.

Continuing to carve out his own path has meant launching his own label ‘Scarlet Tiger’ imprint this year that can be found under Caroline’s dance off-shoot LG105.

“I’ve always sent music back and forth with friends and folk I’ve met online over the years, amassing all of this music, so it made perfect sense for me to start a label to release all of it,” explains Weatherall. “There seems to be a general path that flows through all of the things that grab me which is some kind of UK electronic music.”

The first single on the new imprint is “Burner”- a 5-minute melodic, euphoric almost trancey number that’ll drop nicely on any dancefloor around the world. A real, I know this track but can’t quite put my finger on it sort of dealer.

Here’s hoping for more of this through 2021!