San Holo shares lulling third installment in ‘stay vibrant’ collection [Stream]

An amorphous outlet for new San Holo material that is not bound to an EP or studio album, stay vibrant has provided the producer a platform to share new music with his fanbase each Monday. After initiating this reliable release schedule on March 30 with “(if only i could) hold you,” San Holo ushered in the week of April 6 with “don’t forget to breathe today,” and has most recently completed a trifecta of fresh singles with “in the end i just want you to be happy.”

The reason for the stay vibrant archives is just to have a place where I can post music that I make that doesn’t necessarily belong to an EP or album or project.


Offering a less effervescent look at San Holo’s creative capacities, the third addition to the album 1 maker’s stay vibrant collection foregrounds the textured tin of guitar chords. There’s a soft, lullaby-like pulchritude to the subtle installment that allows the multi-instrumentalist to tap into his guitar sensibilities.

As a musician, I make a lot of music and obviously there will be tracks that I make that will fade away or drown at some point, which is a shame because I believe one of my strongest assets is the fact that I can actually make music in all kinds of genres.


In departing from the twinkling brand of future bass that San Holo has popularized, “in the end i just want you to be happy” does more than just offer listeners “a peek” inside San Holo’s “musical mind”: it also showcases his inventive proclivities with comforting resolve.

Photo credit: Rukes