Saved by Ingenuity! Kaskade furnishes a delectable opener for Redux 006


Saved by Ingenuity! Kaskade furnishes a delectable opener for Redux 006

87%Overall Score

• Atmospheric and gentle
• Exquisite vocals
• Organic deep house sound

Right after a monumental album debut with Deadmau5 on their Kx5 project, Kaskade seemingly slowed his release schedule. Although, as most know, the eminent moniker keeps relentlessly busy at his craft; and here we are, at the precipice of another album. Its opening single “Save Me” is equal parts mesmerizing and exotic, with an excellent vocal performance by Lauren L’aimant.

A part of the Redux 006 compilation, the ‘Redux’ series began in 2014 and became a recurring trend over the years. It formed milestones in the American moniker’s career on his unceasing expedition at trying different styles— ranging from anything like club-oriented house to mainstream electro. Melodic endeavors aren’t a rarity in these projects, such as in the previous installment: “Where Did You Go” is a serene deep house number with modulated lead synths and brassy low-end, and “Disco 5” a chill nu-disco flavored offering.

“Save Me” doesn’t wander far from the said tracks, expanding the theme. Coming from a veritably experienced producer, there are stand-out features on this song despite the sparseness in its get-up. The center stage is taken by the absolutely exquisite vocals from Lauren L’aimant, expertly assisted by this organic deep house instrumental. Here the atmosphere remains delicate with arpeggios and softer percussions accompanying. A graceful transition later, the drop brings in a percussive sequence followed by a soaring pad, and very little presence from the bassline. Here, the charm lies with the superb simplicity in the drum groove and mostly soundscape; a gentle and hypnotizing experience that fares well without too much ongoing.

Fetching to its core, “Save Me” is one among the plethora of other reasons why Kaskade remains in the frontiers of this industry. Combine his artistic proficiency with appealing vocals, and the results are unerringly impressive!

You can listen to “Save Me” here: