Sherwood Forest Festival With COVID-19 Exposure

West Michigan’s Double JJ Resort became a COVID-19 exposure site after hosting the Sherwood Forest Appreciation Weekend. Set between June 25-28, 2020, these dates were originally reserved for the famous Electric Forest Art, Music, and Camping Festival. This Festival has occurred every Summer in Rothbury, MI for the last decade.

Information on Sherwood Forest

With the recent events in 2020, it was no surprise that Electric Forest (EF) became a part of the long drawn out cancelation list. However, the Double JJ Resort, the site that normally hosts EF, decided to host another event: Sherwood Forest Appreciation Weekend. Double JJ Resort officials shared on their website that the idea for this event came from a huge increase of inquiries by disappointed guests. The Double JJ Resort still wanted to give guests an option for the late June weekend. 

Shortly after this announcement, EF officials sent out a statement that the replacement event was not affiliated with EF. 

This event attempted to become the site’s own version of Electric Forest. A lineup of local area DJs ran from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m at different stages throughout the site. Other festival activities included yoga, meditation, food and beverage areas, and even access to the resort’s water park and pool area. 

COVID-19 Exposure

Sherwood Forest Appreciation Weekend ran with the best of intentions. It would allow for guests to enjoy a getaway as well as fill a void for the missing Electric Forest. According to the CDC, one of the easiest ways the globe sees COVID-19 spread is through large crowds and crowding conditions. This is due to the fact that social distancing is much tougher in those instances. However, Sherwood Forest officials planned to have social distancing guidelines as well as other practices in order to keep guests safe.

Unfortunately, a Sherwood Forest attendee from Western Michigan shared they tested positive for COVID-19. This individual had to share their results with the health department due to their mass exposure to other guests. Whether the individual contracted COVID-19 from the event or elsewhere prior to the weekend is still undetermined.

Either way, any Sherwood Forest attendees should self-quarantine and look for symptoms of COVID-19. Please click here for more information on preventative measures, symptoms, and other CDC guidelines.