SNAILS & ESCARGOT Releases Genre Defying House Track ‘KILLA’

Coming in hot after his latest single ‘Set Fire’, Montreal based DJ SNAILS is back for another electrifying release titled ‘KILLA‘. For those following Fred over the years, they know that he’s always been a forward thinking artist that is constantly innovating and expanding on his sound design. He has also been playing a lot of his unreleased music under his new house project, ESCARGOT. ‘KILLA’ is his latest sound trajectory under both projects and Fred’s latest push forward into uncharted territories as he blends together his signature bass sounds with the gritty allure of UK grime and glitched out beats of fidget house.

‘KILLA’ seamlessly blends SNAILS groundbreaking signature sounds with ESCARGOT’s infectious groove, making it a certified dancefloor weapon. Starting off with a lethal buildup and a menacing vocal line “I’m a Killa, bang bang bang”, ‘KILLA’ stirs up heaves of adrenaline before it launches listeners into the first drop which is driven with a gritty low end signature SNAILS bassline. Fred does not let off the gas in this one as there are two more drops that follow where he interlaces glitched-out house beats, creating a unique auditory experience that keeps the audience guessing at each drop. ‘KILLA’ is just his first of many releases with him pioneering this new “slime house” sound.