Already a classic in its own right, ‘5 On It’ by Luniz has now received an exciting new version by Dutch DJ/producers Steff Da Campo and Chico Rose. They have taken the original, instantly recognizable melody of the 90’s hip hop record to build a tasteful piece of deep house music. Thanks to the outstanding remix work of mystery act 71 Digits, the song is taken to deep, moody grounds, resulting in a beautiful tune.

It’s a nice team-up taking place here. Steff Da Campo has been making quite some waves these last years, delivering deep groovy house tunes with exciting hooks and often recognizable (vocal) samples and melodies. Chico Rose has made similar moves, teaming up with his buddy Afrojack or delivering popular tracks with acts like B-Case, Jaden Bojsen, and… 71 Digits, the anonymous act with whom he made last year’s massive hit tune ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’.

And now, the guys worked their magic on a powerful 90’s hip hop tune: ‘5 On It’. Originally released in 1996 by US duo Luniz, the record included various samples and featured vocals of singer Michael Marshall. The record charted in the Top 10 in countries like the US, UK, Germany, and Holland, reaching the platinum status in the US.

Safe to say, this was a huge hit, a 90’s classic that’s never left the public eye, still played to this day. So, when three DJ/producers with an already impressive remix resume in their hands start working with this tune, expectations are high.

But they’ve done it. Using the original’s melody, the record receives some nice underlying deep house beats and an infectious bassline, followed by warm synth pads nicely intertwining with the lead chords. From the swaying groove to the moody breakdown, this is instrumental deep house how you want it served: tasteful, delicate, and rhythmic.

In short, a classic reborn? Well, that’s one way to look at it. More appropriate, these DJs have revamped a timeless melody, using it for a sweet piece of dance music. ‘5 On It’ is not a straight up remix, where the original vocals take the lead; this is electronic music with an emphasis on beats and melody. And yes, it’s bound to get you moving again.

“Working with Chico Rose was great. We shared our love for this classic tune and are very happy how it turned out!” – Steff Da Campo

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“I’m really excited to rework this amazing song together with Steff Da Campo. Be ready for the amazing 71 Digits remix. I hope to see you soon!” – Chico Rose