Steve Aoki & KAAZE – Whole Again ft. John Martin

• Where’s Aoki? Busy playing with NFTs?
• Superlative vocal and instrumental
• Necessary comparison with Swedish House Mafia

If even KAAZE says “I’ve never been so proud of a song in my life”, one has all the reasons to be hyped about ‘Whole Again’.

Alongside the Swedish creator, Steve Aoki, and reputed singer John Martin, this Progressive House release has been long-awaited by fans, although I wasn’t expecting THAT level of quality. It’s impressive, thanks to a stellar performance that we absolutely needed, considering the base underneath.

The “BLK RSE” personality did his best here, with a vibrant crescendo towards the build-up and culminating into an explosive and mellow (both at the same time) drop. The lead has the usual ‘Swedish vibe’ we all are familiar with and considering who’s singing over it, many have drawn comparisons with the former SHM sound. I know it’s just a dream, but a remix of “Whole Again” from the trio would serve as the pinnacle of this genre’s history.

This is one of the best KAAZE releases that I’ve ever heard: all the constituents fit together in a perfect combination, showing that the artist has evolved and matured over the years. The breakdown brings up the climax in a delicate, subtle way while the drop remains similar to the ones we are all used to hearing, yet packed with more vigor and passion. I suspect that several tweaks and details in the mix and mastering processes must have added that ‘secret’ pushes to the bassline because I felt the fullness when focusing.

And Aoki? Well, it could be that he is the brainchild behind the excellency of the sound design presented here. I admire his willingness to promote talented artists, often underrated, such as TWIIG, grandson, and many others, leaving a lot of space for the creative collaborator’s personalities to shine through.

Or, if I must share the cynical view, I believe that he just contributed with his name, granting another release for staying relevant on the streaming platforms while busy touring and speculating about NFTs.

This is all KAAZE’s style, and what an outcome!

You can listen to “Whole Again” here:

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