Taking Dubstep to New Heights: DIESEL and LEVEL UP Elevate the Game with “NEXT LVL”

• Orchestral elements shine in the breakdown
• Drop packs a punch without going overboard
• Could benefit from more intensity in the finale

After retiring from the NBA, Shaq ventured into the world of Dubstep with a fervor and a mission to shake things up—a move I truly admire. While I initially had my doubts after his first releases, I must say he’s creating music driven by the pure desire to get people dancing and having a blast, a sentiment that shines through in bangers like “NEXT LVL.” This Monstercat Uncaged release has managed to capture my attention, despite my mixed feelings about the genre, largely thanks to the inclusion of LEVEL UP, one of the brightest stars in the recent Dubstep landscape.

As a casual listener, I hadn’t delved deeply into LEVEL UP’s style prior to this review, but upon exploring her releases, I was thoroughly impressed. The fusion of orchestral tones with eerie, experimental vibes deserves special mention, as LEVEL UP fearlessly breaks conventions and incorporates unconventional elements. Her “SHADOW SYMPHONY EP,” in particular, left a lasting impression with its innovative concept.

Now, back to “NEXT LVL.” The snippets I came across on social media were quite entertaining, especially considering Shaq’s towering presence next to LEVEL UP. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw the video of the colossal NBA legend effortlessly lifting her up while manning the decks. The music video also cleverly plays on this juxtaposition, featuring charming Super Mario-style visuals of the two characters.

The breakdown encapsulates the unique vibes I’ve come to associate with LEVEL UP, with an elegant violin gradually building towards a climax. I found myself enchanted by this section, repeatedly listening to unravel how “NEXT LVL” seamlessly transitions between contexts. Then, the drop hits—a Dubstep beast with growls, basslines, and all the sonic artillery. While not as ferocious as some of DIESEL‘s other releases, the structure felt somewhat linear, but I found myself drawn to the melodies nonetheless.

Overall, DIESEL reaffirms his talent and passion for Dubstep, while I kick myself for not exploring LEVEL UP’s discography sooner. Looks like I need to dive deeper into Dubstep—any suggestions are welcome. Thanks to the captivating “NEXT LVL” for the push!

You can listen to “NEXT LVL” here:

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