Unveiling the Untapped Potential of this Collaboration! SaberZ and Jones Vendera Offer a Fresh Spin on Big Room with “The Unknown”

• Clear distinctions between their respective styles
• Two drops bursting with energy and aggression
• Infectious melody and lively basslines

The Rave Culture roster has started to feel somewhat predictable, with the same familiar names consistently delivering quality productions, but lacking that spark of innovation that new talent often brings. That’s precisely why I’m thrilled to see Jones Vendera teaming up with another dynamic duo, SaberZ, to bring forth a fusion of old and new Big Room sounds.

German duo Jones Vendera, known for their intriguing Future Rave releases, make their debut on W&W’s label alongside SaberZ, two stalwarts of the genre renowned for their powerful signature Big Room sound. The result, “The Unknown,” showcases distinct differences in its sections, emphasizing the unique personalities at play, while simultaneously serving as a potent weapon for clubs and festivals alike.

The track kicks off in an unconventional manner, with an anti-climactic drop that feels experimental, briefly introducing SaberZ’s steel drums. This segues into an orchestral breakdown featuring a vocal that aims to inject an air of mystery, albeit it felt somewhat clichéd to me. Nevertheless, it still adds a layer of intrigue, especially as the Trance-inspired buildup begins to crescendo towards the climax—the most anticipated part, the final drop.

The initial seconds clearly bear SaberZ’s hallmark Big Room sound, which I personally enjoy—I never tire of its raw energy, especially in the latter half. Yet, simultaneously, I yearned for a twist, which promptly arrived in the form of a darker, more experimental section. It was simply sublime: “The Unknown” transformed into something truly unfamiliar to my ears, culminating in a grandiose finale that leaves room for future explorations.

Having followed SaberZ for many years, hearing their familiar sounds take on a darker hue leaves me with a curious mix of familiarity and excitement. “The Unknown” is a stellar collaboration, precisely what I’ve been craving.

You can listen to “The Unknown” here:

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