Tchami Remixes “Carried Away” by Surf Mesa ft. Madison Beer

Tchami has undoubtedly cemented his footprint in modern music, pioneering the future house genre and quickly climbing to influence sounds beyond electronic dance music. Following the release of his first album Year Zero in 2020, Tchami has worked his way through 2021 first with the remix of Whethan and Oliver Tree’s “Freefall” and then with the Curbi and Kyan Palmer collaboration “Make Amends.” Tchami offers his latest release, a remix of Surf Mesa’s “Carried Away” featuring Madison Beer.

Nearly 5 minutes of pure heaven, Tchami bumps up the tempo in the remix of “Carried Away.” Tchami’s progression as a producer shines through the song. The French producer’s iconic sounds like distorted bass, breezy shakers, and arpeggiated synths lay down the groundwork for Madison Beer’s light vocals, working together to create the perfect sense of yearning. “Carried Away” resonates deep in the hearts of its listeners, playing with a whimsical, yet grounded sound. Needless to say, Tchami nails yet another remix, adding his own house flavor to create an uplifting and fresh new sound in “Carried Away”.

Listen to Tchami’s remix of Surf Mesa’s “Carried Away” featuring Madison Beer below or stream the song via your favorite music platform.