The first Future Rave 85+ for Yohann Warren’s masterpiece ft. Barmuda: “Not Ready”

The first Future Rave 85+ for Yohann Warren’s masterpiece ft. Barmuda: “Not Ready”

85%Overall Score

• Aspyer vibes in the formula
• Captivating, explosive drop
• Surprising delicateness in transitions

Only 5 months back, Crash & Smile got featured on our blog for a good Future Rave track “By Your Side“, although I didn’t prefer the generic structuring of the release. However, I have to admit that Yohann Warren surprised me with a true banger that bent the rules of the game!

Future Rave is a genre that leaves a lot of room to experiment, and two years ago I assigned a solid 90+ (which is a rare rating, as our readers are familiar) to Aspyer’s “Simphony“, where his acquainted violin was alternating with an electric bassline. There were identical vibes here, even though it’s not breakthrough creativity at this moment. FYI, Aspyer took a calmer direction that despite appreciating his signature instrument didn’t intrigue me so much.

Yohann Warren formulated his personal touch to an orchestral composition, further enriched by the vocals from Barmuda. Aggressive percussions are introduced well before the buildup, and then a roaring bassline smashes into the calm. The duality between violin-EDM lead is perfectly balanced, something that pushes me to repeat this a dozen times! Yohann nailed this aspect, and in turn, makes the track stand out.

There’s precision with the details, not exclusive to the fabulous drop. Using elegant chords in the continuing breakdown supported by Barmuda, who despite the compatible energetic vocals was a bold choice. The experience is a short one though, leaving me to crave for more.

I was looking for an “energetic Aspyer” type song for a while now, and may have found it in “Not Ready“. There’s a lot of promise from this young creative!

You can listen to “Not Ready” here: