The President Of Pop Continues Up Commenting On Social Issues On His New Track “Fly/Shine”

The President Of Pop kicked off his music career with the release of “Google-ized by Google’s Eyes (The No Internet Song),” a track that straightforwardly discussed the negative impact of the web and social media. With honesty and surgical precision, he described how people are addicted to the internet thrill and how delusional the feeling of it is. 

The new single from The President Of Pop titled “Fly/Shine” is a slightly more positive track, yet he still comments on social issues. The new song is all about encouraging people to live their best life, choose spontaneous directions, and fly away from issues. The President Of Pop wrote very uplifting lines that, especially during the pandemic times, motivate to move forward, never give up, and stay strong despite struggles. 

The President Of Pop’s sound is an interesting mix of well-chosen tunes. He raps with a very punctual flow and high-pitch vocals that create an unorthodox mix. Musically, he goes after a kind of EDM full of dance and alt-pop strings. Mixing rap, pop, and electro is nothing new, but The President Of Pop does it in such an innovative and odd (in a good) way, that the whole thing wrapped in his mysterious image is exciting and feels fresh.