Timmy Trumpet & Marnik ft. Moonshine – Mas Que Nada

• Great first drop, with Future Rave finale
• One of the most unnecessary vocals ever
• Generic, with few interesting features

Originally made known to the world in 1963 by Jorge Ben, “Mas Que Nada” was reworked by Sergio Mendez in ‘66 and later in 2006 (featuring The Black Eyed Peas). Most people will be more aware of the latter, although it’s fun to hear these decades-old vocals in entirely separate contexts.

This time around, the industrious alias Timmy Trumpet has chosen Marnik and Moonshine for another Psy-Trance rework, with a couple of tricks to entertain its listeners. Surprise surprise, it’s Future Rave integrated with the familiar bouncy bassline!

Jokes aside, the consequences of this mix-up are rather interesting despite the bothersome “Mas Que Nada” vocal, conflicting and out-of-context. As I didn’t notice any part from the instrumental, I counted 47 seconds of the vocal looping within the first minute and then disappearing entirely except for five seconds in the other half. What was the point of using it then? Just for titling the track?

Anyways, the production stands tall in terms of quality, with crisp and punchy drum programming that propels the track forward and pumps high energy. There were some “Atom” vibes in the first drop, which was definitely more appealing, while the follow-up kept a generic Future Rave essence, culminating in a melodic finale.

What comes out is a song that sounds huge and impactful, capable of cutting through any mix and filling the dancefloor thanks to the brilliant production level, even if it’s not particularly creative. Apart from ranking higher in search results, the vocals are a waste of resources.

Timmy Trumpet, Marnik, and Moonshine have brought forward a generic attempt at a classic track, yet with enough intriguing aspects to bring decent results. The production standards are top-notch, for which it deserves praise.

You can listen to “Mas Que Nada” here:

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