Tomorrowland Reveals Beautiful Arcadiana Mainstage

People of Tomorrow, today is the day! Tomorrowland has officially begun and its main stage has been revealed as Arcadiana. Announced this morning, we find a city where skilled guildsmen and women have woven magic into every fiber. Marvel at the intricate details and the artistry poured into every brick and tile. As you journey deeper into this mystical city, you will discover hidden treasures and secret passageways. Let yourself be swept away by its magic, where the craftsmen and women call it home.

For centuries, this city has been protected from the outside world. But today, that changes. The gates of the city will be opened! Now let the journey begin, Witness Arcadiana’s hidden world within.

Now, the City of Arcadiana stands as a majestic testament to human resilience and the relentless pursuit of progress. Secondly, its towering structures and intricate architecture intertwine harmoniously with nature. They invite us to envision a future where innovation and sustainability coexist in perfect harmony, shaping a world that is as breathtakingly beautiful as it is compassionate. What’s more, you can purchase the drawings from Great Library Studios here.

Thirdly, this mainstage is making me FOMO. With beautiful spires and colors, this is a great mainstage. Plus, this feels like your fantasy home away from home. Check out who to watch today on the live stream with our EDMTunes recommendation here. Brussels Airlines is bringing in the People. New merch is afoot. The Zephyr II is in the sky, ready and waiting. You can indulge in Asia’s Top Chefs or do a Warrior workout. This year’s event is shaping up to be quite a show, with a massive lineup. To all those attending, have fun! To those watching the live stream, who will you see? Stay tuned as EDMTunes reveals our top picks for must-watch acts the remainder of the weekend.