Toneshifterz, Bonka – Requiem

Toneshifterz, Bonka - Requiem

73%Overall Score

• Distinctive parts from Bonka first, then Toneshifterz
• Sturdy percussions and hypnotic vocal loop
• Not a right synergy, but good results

When I saw those names on Timmy Trumpet’s Sinphony, my expectations weren’t certain. Toneshifterz is a veteran in the Hardstyle scene, and Bonka has often dabbled between the boundaries of Melbourne Bounce and Big Room.

What comes out of their get-together is “Requiem”: a dark, murky association of Psytrance and Hardstyle. Although, I don’t think that the trio had a perfect collaboration unfortunately, as there are two distinct segments in the track with contrasting styles. The vocals and fills bridge the gap between everything, which makes “Requiem” a sacral aura, but the finished product doesn’t seem natural.

Initially, there is the usual Psytrance formula with a (hypnotic, if I must say) vocal loop and hard-hitting sequence… A classic by Bonka, even if this time it didn’t leave the mark. Toneshifterz follows up with a calmer piano interlude, slowly introducing the hardstyle lead and a melodic escalation. The final drop is a euphoric hardstyle one, switching to an anti-climax with a slight hint of Psy in the percussions. This is where they nailed the vocal in a gorgeous way, ending “Requiem” with a blast.

There’s a feeling that both drops will be used based on the context, like in mashups or TikToks, as the entirety of “Requiem” didn’t convince me. Especially, considering that there isn’t a natural convergence between the signature sounds of Bonka and Toneshifterz. Sure, they are from two different worlds, but not that far considering the traits of their respective genres.

Still, that’s not a deal-breaking issue for this category of songs, so I would recommend “Reqiuem”. Sinphony is an underground imprint for Spinnin’ nowadays, so it is cool to see something fresh in their catalogue.

You can listen to “Requiem” here:

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