Trye & KEL – Outside

Trye & KEL - Outside

84%Overall Score

• Can we call it Euphoric Rawstyle
• Familiar vocal and familiar melody, with a twist
• Brutal kick, as expected

While listening to “Outside”, I felt that the vocals shared a resemblance somewhere, and just when the first drop smashed my ears….Yep, the lyrics were indeed from Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding’s “Outside”! This is rather fun because this creation from Trye and KEL switched into another dimension, the one dominated by the relentless twin of Hardstyle: Rawstyle.

This is definitely a rework executed well, firstly released as a remix then published on Spotify a few months later, trying to stand out and not just imitate the same patterns that are popular… Maybe it’s just me, but I noticed a trend of remixing pop songs in Hardstyle, but very clumsily, just adding the vocal on a basic arrangement.

However, this rendition of “Outside” delivers the right charisma and stamina, with violent kicks, an electric guitar in the build-ups, and a genial way to livening the original melodic riff.

The kick isn’t gentle, but rather brutal in the first and ending drops…and there is also space made for a melodic sequence, following the familiar idea with a few changes in notes.

Trye isn’t new to this variant of “Euphoric Rawstyle”, with a couple of million streaming tracks like “By Your Side” and “Run Away“. As artists like Sefa are showing up, bringing “harder” styles to the mainstream is not an impossible task anymore, and it makes me glad and surprised to see those streaming stats for Rawstyle.

A great step for the involved artists, “Outside” has garnered lots of positive feedback from the community on social media. Since Calvin Harris has shown focus on other genres lately, he should check this one as well!

Today at 8:20 PM

You can listen to “Outside” here:

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