Unknown Brain Releases First Full-Length Album, “Faceless”

Out via No Copyright Sounds, German duo Unknown Brain releases their first full-length album titled Faceless“. The album integrates together varying elements of future bass, future house, trap, and pop, all into a single album.

The album begins with its radio-ready and earworm title track, “Faceless” with Bri Tolani and Marvin Divine‘s vocals leading alongside Unknown Brain’s production. Alluded by its title, “Candy,” which features Linn Sandin’s vocals, is a truly sweet song complemented by nostalgic 8bit sounds.

Unknown Brain released six of the album’s tracks prior to Faceless‘s debut, including “Jungle Of Love,” which brings a passionate charge to Faceless. “DEAD” with Kazhi taps into the album’s sultry, swinging sound. The inspirational and larger-than-life “Dancing On The Moon” with Luke Barr‘s rich and controlled vocals give encouragement to listeners. “Hollywood Perfect” grabs at listeners with its organic guitar and drums in conjunction with NotEvenTanner‘s pop-punk vocals. “I’m Sorry Mom” winds down the album’s mood and narrates a mellow apology. Meanwhile, “Phenomenom” drives in the opposite direction, invigorating listeners with a dark and unrelenting sound.

With 17 songs, the vocally-led full-length album spans across numerous genres. From the heart-wrenching “Oh Darling,” the upbeat “Dance With Me,” to the pop-inducing “Last Thing,” fans of Unknown Brain can each find a song to match their tastes.

Released on the British label No Copyright Sounds, GM Daniel Lee commented, “As a team, we’re honored to release Unknown Brain’s debut album after working together for over four years since their first hit “Superhero”. This is also our first ever artist-led album, and we’re excited that we could start this with such a strong 17-track release.”

Stream the album via No Copyright Sounds, or check out the full-length album below on YouTube.