Unleashing raw mayhem like never before: The flawless Trap anthem by the rising virtuoso WINK

• Creative trap with high energy
• Remarkable world building
• Abundant variations

Fresh off his outstanding debut EP earlier this year, WINK is back with yet another heater that will blow your mind (and your speakers!). Called “WHERE2GO”, his newest single released the prior week is all one wishes in a quality Trap song: addictive vocals, gritty bass, powerful stabs, and headbanging-ly awesome vibes, of course!

Starting rather unexpectedly calm, WINK cleverly employs the long intro to develop the more ethereal nature of the song, working up a nice contrast to the high-intensity drop to back them up. The steady synths, accompanied by the delicate vocals, in turn, create a soothing atmosphere: an ambiance upturned with consequent build-up and drops.

There’s a sudden and abrupt shift in the buildup— an ingenious move by the American creative— as there is no proper build per se; instead, the pre-drop displays the main appeal for the listener in the song. Here comes the classic and incredibly effective horn stabs. They give away to the drop, sporting a bamboo flute-like lead riff, infusing oriental sound to the more bass-surplus nature of the track.

WINK deserves high acclaim not only for making an impressive powerhouse of a record but also for masterfully managing to sprinkle variations throughout. Over time, the drop transforms and replays with new components and reusing older ones in different ways: such as the horn stabs in the drops with grittier leads and alternate melodies. There are three distinct beat drops, all of them bringing something new to the table, turning the track into an exceptionally praiseworthy project!

Although, it’s the midsection that puts the cherry on top. It brings back a gentler, composed side of the record. Like the drops, it offers something new with a mournful, somber trumpet presence— a more sentimental aspect of the track. Then it goes out with a bang in the last drop, fusing new and familiar details for a dynamic conclusion.

With “WHERE2GO”, WINK has proved why he should be watched out for in the coming years; he’s underrated and exceptional at his craft! This is a stellar addition to his musical catalog, and perhaps the most ambitious one so far.

You can listen to “WHERE2GO” here: