Vicetone – The World Has A Heartbeat

Vicetone - The World Has A Heartbeat

88%Overall Score

• Guitar, violins, piano
• Gorgeous vocals and lyrics
• Nostalgic attitude with a desire for innovation

After a lot of less impactful releases and a surprising re-emerging virality with “Astronomia” (power of the internet memes), I am finally back writing about Vicetone, this time for a good reason. It makes me proud to have avidly followed the Dutch duo since their SoundCloud debut (such as their recommendable Progressive remix masterpieces of “Clarity” & “Sparks“), and during the years I observed their ascending career. Yup, sometimes they broached the commercial realm, but with class and elegance and without mundane releases.

However, something managed to revamp the magic of that good old Vicetone. “The World Has A Heartbeat” is another gorgeous creation of the duo, bringing back the signature melodic construction with a 2023 twist wired toward Piano House. That’s 90% classic Vicetone trademarks, plus a desire for innovation without risking it all. And a great vocal and lyrics, which is a decent plus.

The beginning plays a calm piano, enhancing the delicate vocal as Vicetone slowly introduced the necessary instruments, including a summerish guitar and violin chords in the build-up. The drop is a real slammer, with a piano that isn’t too gentle with its bouncy attitude. It is a perfect sequence for dancing around during summer nights, further augmented by small details in the background. While its first appearance felt a bit rushed, taking only a few seconds before disappearing, the pianos come back twice in the final with the third piece being enhanced with other chords.

“The World Has A Heartbeat” encapsulates the beauty of music with natural instruments, a delightful piano, and the magical mettle of Vicetone to turn things energetic with the simple power of melodic patterns. I can’t fully wrap my head around on how they manage to do that trick. A real banger for this summer, write that down!

You can listen to “The World Has A Heartbeat” here: