Tiësto’s All-Time Classic ‘Traffic’ Gets Two Smashing Remixes

Kryder, Dave Winnel, and Maddix have all breathed new life into this staple of Electronic Music.

New music alert! Are you looking to spice up the weekend a bit with an absolute beast blast from the past? Well, look no further, because this time we’ve got you some news. You surely know about the all-time smash hit that was Tiësto‘s ‘Traffic‘ back in the day. We all blasted it on whatever speakers we had, while others got a dose of ‘Traffic’ bliss while at a club or gig.

‘Traffic’ comes back in full force today, as a hot pair of remixes has just come out. The first take comes from Kryder and Dave Winnel, while the second comes from Maddix. Call it an EP, call it a compilation, call it a simple coincidence, but man, this collection is painted, scented, and submerged in Techno. I don’t mean to say it’s bad. Quite the opposite, the remixes deliver a healthy amount of hard-hitting goodness.

I know I’ve told this joke a thousand times already. I’m not afraid to do so, the description couldn’t be more accurate. Disclaimer aside,

put on your headphones and get ready to make your best Imhotep face out there.


Traffic (Kryder & Dave Winnel Remix)

This lovely reconstruction of the original track brings lots of the old elements into it, effectively working as an elegant update in the Techno style. A strong rumbling kick and high-end-dampened percussion, work in perfect combination with the original saw synths that make this song what it is: an icon. Add to that the rolling bassline in each drop, and what you end up with is nothing short of amusing. Kryder and Dave did the original justice.

Traffic (Maddix Remix)

Now, if you’re looking for something that will make you desperately beat the air with your first, you might put this remix to good use. Maddix took the concept of filthiness and upped it a notch. By even dropping the key of the song to a darker one, he’s crafted quite the piece. The original saws are a bit more detuned than the original, and — technical stuff ahead — the pre-delay on the reverb is set in such a way that the synths duck and rise, as though they were pumped through the sound. Is it good? Of course this remix is good!

Now go out there and listen to this pack! Have a listen to the ‘Traffic’ remixes by clicking below on the Spotify button, or here to support the songs anywhere else.