Victor Ruiz & Modeā Team up on Drumcode for ‘Bloom’

Drumcode favorite Victor Ruiz and rising Irish artist Modeā have joined forces for an inspiring meeting of styles on ‘Bloom.’ Out today via Drumcode, ‘Bloom’ is a two-track techno masterpiece featuring beautiful chords and harmonies atop chunky drums and bass synths.

The two-track EP follows Modeā’s ‘Shine,’ which brought many a dancefloor to its knees last summer. The track was so impressive that it even caught Victor’s eye, leading to their ultimate collab. “Shine is one of the best electronic music records ever made,” Victor said. The Brazilian producer, who has been industrious in recent months with the successful launch of his own label, Volta, soon tapped the Donegal artist for a collaboration and the seeds for ‘Bloom’ had been sewn.

The first thing he sent me was the main theme from “Bloom,’ Victor shares. ‘Listening to those beautiful chords and harmonies, I already had the vision for the whole track. I added some “Ruiz” bass synths to it and the chunky drums and the song wrote itself.’ On ‘Contrast‘, the pair saw an inversion of their workflow.I started with some chords and harmonies and he added the nasty gritty drums and heavy synths. Safe to say we’re good together,’ Victor stated.

‘I’m super proud of this release with Victor Ruiz. We were inspired by each other’s styles and wanted to join forces to create something unique and fresh together.’

– Modeā