Weekly Roundup LII (with promising records from the likes of Kx5, Riot Ten, Ørjan Nilsen, and more)

On the fifty-second edition of the Weekly Roundup, the list is locked and loaded with promising records from the likes of Kx5, Riot Ten, Ørjan Nilsen, and more. Grab your favorite pumpkin-flavored drink and find out further about these tunes!

ARTBAT, David Guetta & Idris Elba – It’s Ours

In the most unanticipated of collaborations, Ukrainian duo ARTBAT have worked on “It’s Ours” along with two renowned hotshots, David Guetta and Idris Elba. The outcome is a moodier, sparse song that you can expect from the Afterlife-supported pair, although it is hard to evaluate the contributions from the bigwigs involved.

Nevertheless, a bright saw riffs and carries the progressive structure with occasional vocal presence (perhaps recorded by the British actor). It mostly relies on fewer instruments, furnishing the staple minimalism of the genre. Not the most exceptional work, yet this is sure to find itself effective on compatible dancefloors.

Ørjan Nilsen & Tasadi – Hung Up

Heldeep Records has mostly featured various figures from the house music scene, but this time around, they welcomed the trance veteran Orjan Nilsen alongside up-and-coming alias Tasadi and vocalist Maria Mathea. “Hung Up [Night Version]” is a stimulating tune that verifies the Norwegian artist’s capability to take up other genres and prove his dexterity regardless.

The track beams with Nilsen’s electro signature, packaged in a deep/future house schematic to fit the label’s branding. And with a lively vocal completing the equation,
the production stands out from other conventional releases in the imprint.

Floral – Need To Feel Loved (Laureano Remix)

Over the years, the evergreen gem of Need to Feel Loved” by Reflekt has found itself remixed various times, owing to its sublime and hypnotic attributes. Also sampled by Floral later in 2015, which turned out as a hit of its own, Swedish DJ/Producer Laureano ingeniously transformed it into a deeper, melodic rework.

This remix captures the dreamy soundscape from the original, utilizing arps and percussive to gently steer with a graceful cadence. A must listen, for this one gets endearingly closer to the trance classic with a modernistic touch.

Kx5 – Alive (feat. The Moth And The Flame)

There’s a strong contender for melodic techno tune of the year in town. Formerly thought as a Rüfüs Du Sol ID, the super pair of Kaskade and Deadmau5 unveiled their latest record “Alive” with band The Moth And The Flame.

Operating on a undulated offbeat groove and heady vocal, the pensive production slowly builds up a tempting ambiance. Sprinkle in the teamwork of two of the most renowned electronic music producers, this track takes the cake indubitably.

Seren 4 Ever – Back To You

Encased with full-bodied garage bassline and spry percussions, “Back To You” is an idiosyncratic offering from British alias Seren 4 Ever. Employing her talent on presenting an entrancing combination of breakbeat drops, laced with vibrant vocal duties that directs a production inclining towards a hyper-pop attitude, its clever use of vocal processing and other nifty additions are admirable . Lasting for a shorter duration, this is one of those ‘under-the-radar’ finds that is bound to catch attention!

Cryjaxx – Phonky Halloween

Which Halloween is even complete without a spooky tune? Well, not this one. Cryjaxx, known for their hulking trap creations, attempted to blend suspenseful and eerie atmosphere of the season into a knelling phonk tune, a subgenre that has became popular lately for its prominent use of 808 cowbells and distortion. “Phonky Halloween” samples a horror movie for its narrative (do remind me which one though) and then lashes out from the dark with relentless, grungy bassline and cowbell lead. Even if I am not as familiar with this style, it remains impressive for there’s plenty to admire in its sound design and arrangements.

Voster & Gallardo, Justin Prime, Joe Mann – Lost

“Lost & Found” is a catchy after-summer progressive house composition from the talented minds of Voster & Gallardo and Joe Mann, also featuring the esteemed Justin Prime. It shares a lot of similarities with progressive records done by Martin Garrix, DubVision, Matisse & Sadko and other stalwarts in this festival genre.

With a charming vocal harmony accompanying towards an archetypal but melodic, energetic drop sequence that uses bright saws and euphoric riffs. At the same time, the breakdown is embedded with influences from rock, although, I would preferred to seen this aspect being exploited further. Nevertheless, this TurnItUp Muzik release is teeming with a cheery and optimistic timbre that will please most.

Riot Ten – Check This (with Kuhlosul)

The Texan DJ/producer Riot Ten is well known for breaking necks at festival with his frenzied productions, and “Check This” with Kuhlosul is another example. The track is bound to create utter havoc with roaring synths that bark ferociously, with snappy changes and variations in the rhythm that are meticulously prepared. It would be harder to explain the ingenuity of the sound design and track schematics, so I recommend experiencing the diabolical temperament of this tune first-hand.

Codeko x Nevve – Remedy

From Codeko and Nevve we were expecting great things, and the outcome “Remedy” didn’t disappoint. The track is an explosive example of quality Future Bass with heavy Dubstep influences in the drop, apparently following a successful formula we all are familiar about, with excellent experimentations hidden in the melodic schema. There is a surprising effect here, confirming once again the talent of the UK producer with the subgenre.