Seven Lions feat. GG Magree – Falling Fast

Seven Lions feat. GG Magree - Falling Fast

80%Overall Score

• Melodic Dubstep as expected
• Familiar formula in a shinier package
• Gorgeous vocal performance

Nearly after a decade, the American producer finally is ready to remove the curtains from his first album, “Beyond The Veil”. Having followed him for a long time, I am expecting loads of Melodic (and otherwise) Dubstep and I won’t lie, but the excitement around it is justifiable.

As an apéritif for the anxious listeners, Ophelia Records revealed “Falling Fast”, the lead single from Seven Lions, and the vocalist GG Magree.

The first impression is a stunner: the drop got me hooked instantly, as the slower cadence leaves space to feel the intense atmosphere, while the bass keeps pushing in. The sound design is simply crazy, with hints of minimalism in the breakdown and sparing GG Magree lots of room to perform. Her vocal contains the personality, although I was hoping to hear a more dynamic approach around the buildup section.

Seven Lions has graced the audience with his experience, creating an opulent base without apparent surprises, albeit the familiar formula in a shinier package. I hoped to hear more variations within this style because the single tends to remain on safer grounds, inclined towards the devoted fanbase. Not entirely satisfying, yet the direction taken by Seven Lions on this ambitious endeavor is intriguing and I can’t wait for the album to be, well, unveiled.

You can listen to “Falling Fast” here:

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