Wooli x Calcium – Restraint

Wooli x Calcium - Restraint

84%Overall Score

• Blend of the two styles
• Dark atmosphere in the breakdown
• Exclusive attention to the details

Do you say we don’t review enough Dubstep? Let’s reply with this massive collab from Wooli and Calcium, “Restraint”. Since Halloween is near, I felt that the duo has decided to add a lot of dark elements in the breakdown, making the outcome a bit eerie in the beginning… In line with their personalities.

Wooli is a stable member of Ophelia Records, with several amazing releases and collabs (citing here “Pantheon” or “Evolution EP” with Excision). Calcium is a more unpredictable guy, with some fascinating EPs such as “Dissolve” on Disciple and the “Degrader EP” on Bassrush, but also some very underrated solo releases like “Let You Know”.

We are talking about pure, hard-hitting Dubstep, so be warned. “Restraint”, as said, fuses two like-minded creators with a Halloween-esque introduction, suddenly culminating in a monstrous drop. I liked how the lead in the buildup was almost a Big Room one, nice touch!

The melody is energic enough, and the attention to detail is a must-have nowadays, everything clicked together. I was particularly euphoric in the finale since the melody was even catchier for my tastes! Concluding, from Wooli and Calcium I was expecting great things, and I wasn’t disappointed. “Restraint” is a powerful creation that entertains, with quality and personality. Superb.

You can listen to “Restraint” here:

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