Weekly Roundup XLIII (hottest records from the likes of MORTEN, Third Party, MUST DIE! and more)

Summer’s over they say! Well, not mostly, but August has begun with a bang that I didn’t quite expect. There’s a lot on today’s roster to cover: hottest records from the likes of MORTEN, Third Party, MUST DIE! and more.

Joel Corry x Becky Hill – HISTORY

Is it even summer without Joel Corry not coming up with something enticing for the radio stations? The British hitmaker paired up with the esteemed songstress Becky Hill for a minty, upbeat production titled “HISTORY“.

The essentials are covered in plenty here: soulful vocals, thanks to the notable vocalist involved, and jazzy piano with electronic-pop aesthetics, fulfilling the same metrics as other charting hits from the London-based alias.

Third Party, Kathy Brown – Never Get Enough

Marking their second release for this year, the British duo Third Party is better known for progressive sounds. Keeping the usual spirit of their discography, “Never Get Enough” derives the euphoric properties that other TP productions share. Add to that a lively performance from Kathy Brown, who also shared her talents in the former collaboration “Joy“, which came out earlier in 2022.

Powerfully melodic arp synths drive the instrumental, as the groove sticks to a more minimal, melodic/progressive techno formula that has seen more uptick recently. There’s peak-timer bassline, with distorted brass synths covering the highs. Despite being a different style than the festival sounds attributable to the act, the more modernistic and underground direction is nonetheless effective for dancefloors equally.

Steyyx x LUNA – Breaking Free

In the recent most work-together from up and coming acts Steyyx and LUNA, the dyad decided to move away from their usual comfort zones. “Breaking Free” marks their creative freedom, which involves massive, brooding, and hulking future rave constituents.

The Glow Records signed track enthralls with a somber, yet intense vocal presence from Netherlands hailing Romy Dya here. As expected from the genre of choice here, the trance/rave mood reigns. The drop is filled with contorted, in-the-face synths with a bouncing low-end. Delightful listening experience, the production mettle displayed here by the talents involved is off the charts!

MORTEN – No Good

The Nordic performer is up to “No Good” with his festival-destroying weapons! After his last single “Polar” was revealed back in 2020, MORTEN goes solo for this homage twist on The Prodigy’s song of the same title.

Originally released in 1994, the Hard Techno track saw veritable success due to its rebellious, aggressive mentality. The 1/2 of Future Rave was well aware of the heavy duties that come with remixing such boiler-room evergreen, and he delivered. Utilizing the hoover supersaw riff from the inspirational source, this rendition uses offbeat strutting low-end and stabbing leads to match the vigorousness. Maor Levi (Armada Records) and Stonebank (Monstercat) join the list as co-producers here.

Player1, ELYX – Science (feat. Sarah de Warren)

Extending his experimental boundaries, Florence-based ELYX has continued to impress by varying what it offers. Teaming up with enterprising names such as Player1, another familiar face in the Actuation family, alongside the vocalist Sarah de Warren (Enhanced Music, Loudkult), “Science” is the latest revelation from the trio.

There are couple of choices; one can pick the gentler, radio-ready future bass version that makes the best of the endearing vocals. The other is more for the club-goers, where ELYX takes the steering wheel. Using his signature choice of the arsenal such as screeching synths and robust bassline, the festival mix doesn’t miss!

LF System – Afraid To Feel (David Guetta & Dyro Remix)

Two veteran figures brainstormed on the trendier song of this summer from LF System, and the outcome is plain hot! French icon David Guetta and Dutch electro house act Dyro figured out a swirling, filter-house treatment.

Distorted synths and flanger-ing guitar licks dance around at a hurried pace, and with the original material being already so funky, the simple but efficacious structuring settles for nothing but pure groove to sway the listener.


Chaos, destruction, and a dreamy dystopia – that’s what came to my head straightaway when I heard “GRAVEBLOOM” by MUST DIE!.

While the breakdown starts on thoughtful and hazy, knelling arp synths, something else altogether awaits in the drop sequence. With speaker ripping liquid wobble synths run amok, a complete contrast to what came beforehand. Plenty good it will do to an unaware crowd.

Ray Volpe – Screechy Song

Staying faithful to its title, “Screechy Song” opens up “Legend Of The Voleptron EP” with quite the raucous.

Squeezing in various macho-sounding synths together usually doesn’t sound a good idea, but here the various wobbling contestants just go at each other recklessly in the drops. Brushing them aside, a terse but cracking hardstyle variation hits in with unexpected furiousness. Together, the ensemble makes for an entertaining listen!