Weekly Roundup XLVII (with tunes from Sub Zero Project, Oliver Heldens, Afrojack, and more)

Like any inaugurating Friday for an eventful month ahead, there’s plenty of music to be covered on the forty-sixth edition of the Weekly Roundup. Expect tunes from Sub Zero Project, Oliver Heldens, Afrojack, and more to be covered under another extensive list of impressive releases. Let’s begin!

DubVision & Afrojack – Feels Like Home (F1 Dutch Grand Prix)

Denizens of the Netherlands had recently had the pleasure of attending the F1 Grand Prix, of which many notable DJs were a part of the audience cheering the eventual winner, Max Verstappen. To mark the occasion, native icons Afrojack and DubVision collaborated again for a progressive house single called “Feel Like Home“.

It has the qualities of a radio-friendly and crowd-pleasing dance-pop record, without steering away from the musical signature of the parties involved. A charming vocal in the company of a softer breakdown consisting of plucks and other acoustic details, the summery tone builds up towards an expected DubVision style drop. Synergies such as this radiate a more “comfort food” vibe rather than throwing exceptional twists because two veterans of the genre got together. With that in mind, it still deserves a listen or two.

Oliver Heldens, warner case – Believe In Ghosts

Charming cats and filled-out dancefloors alike, accomplished DJ/Producer warner case has remained a steady force on the house scene for a while now. No wonder Oliver Heldens, another luminary in the scene, decided it was time to pair up with the American producer for a club heater. Supernatural slickness and funk await you in “Believe In Ghosts“.

Staying on course with deft minimality that can be admired throughout his discography, warner case lent his suave voice and production skills to a swanky tech house beat, carrying the infectious off-kilter rhythm in its synths and percussions also notable to the pioneering Dutch producer. Playful and brisk, this record is sure to lure connoisseurs of the genre with ease.

AAOM – Agua Brava

Showcasing his knack for creating spacious and esoteric projects, AAOM was featured previous month on our blog for the elegant “Mercy” (with Cari J on vocals). This time around, the Mexican producer has offered us with “Agua Brava” (roughly translating to ‘rough waters’ from Spanish).

The darker, broody mood reverberates from the first second, as a gentle kickdrum and other percussions such as toms form the basis of the beat. Joining this simpler ensemble laterhand is a bright pluck, which altogether reminded me of Tale of Us and other melodic techno aces. Much like “Mercy”, this is meant for pre-dawn dancefloor duties, basking in its distant and slowly progressing attitude that ensnares the attention.

Jaysic x Winning Team – Rules of Mayhem

Finnish up and coming acts Jaysic and Winning Team write down the decrees of chaos on their latest single “Rules of Mayhem” with ground-shaking kickdrums and low-end layered with euphoric synths.

The Halla Recordings release is going for a Blasterjaxx-influenced classic Big Room sound interspersed with sounds from other festival genres, such as hardstyle. Like a war anthem, the track begins on a marching note with a enormous build-up sequence, giving way to the invasive synths and a dominant lead riff. The breakdown, on the other hand, has a tender and melodic touch, just before returning to the destructive forces that govern in the massive drops.

Ken Bauer – Rave Rider

Making further waves in the Future Rave scene is the “Rave Rider“, constructed meticulously by Ken Bauer. The Swedish act has been making rounds in the scene with supports from the likes of David Guetta, and his return to the uprising imprint Future Rave music is sweltering hot and striking.

Using the genre trademarks to its fullest, the said track brings along the distinct supersaws paired with acid growls and a punchy kick, as the entirety of the song reminds devoted to not lose the steam. It soldiers on, not losing sight of the lead synths, and talks all business with its crisp, heavy beat.

Biometrix – Castles In The Sky (Ian Van Dahl Cover)

Seldom there’s a heartbreaking history to a track, and this has one. Biometrix‘s rendition of “Castles In The Sky” samples the evergreen classic trance hit from 2001, which had also inspired the late American techno stalwart i_o to create his own version, titled the same. Unfortunately, it would turn out as the very last release from the brilliant mind as he passed away in late November that year, mere days after the impactful record had came out.

Biometrix, paying homage to the departed artist, adhered to the elevated and empowering timbre of the classic while mixing in future bass, the result of which is a drop that gorgeously adapts to the influences and offers a delectable atmosphere to get encircled by. Equally well-done is the vocal cover, that sings out the heartfelt lyricism further amplifying the backstory. There’s a lot of stirring sentiments on this one, it’s simply beautiful!

KL!P Ft. Nat James – Don’t They Know (Graphyt Remix)

Amalagamating dynamite array of sounds on this remix, French DJ/Producer Graphyt leaves no stone unturned in demonstrating his speaker-rattling skills. “Don’t They Know“, originally from KL!P and featuring Nat James, received this bombastic makeover from Graphyt that contains UK Drill, DnB and last but not the least, infectious riddim style into the platter. The sound design ongoing here would take me another couple of hundred of words to fully describe, for it plenty of sudden twists and turns to entertain the listeners!

Sub Zero Project, Devin Wild – Trinity Till Infinity

Trinity Till Infinity” is one of those creations that don’t require the hefty tag of being an official anthem for a hard-dance specific festival, as it shatters expectations almost immediately upon its entree. Created by Sub Zero Project and Devin Wild, this is one hell of a ride.

Equal parts anthemic and uplifting with its melodic and cadent personality, the drop absolutely vandalizes with a kickdrum that thrives a low-end unheard of, rumbling with a viciousness that is unsettling and chaotic. Add to this rather monstrous detail other subtler details such as the dazzling hardstyle synths, this record exerts an assertive aura like no other!