KSHMR – Anywhere’s Home

KSHMR - Anywhere's Home

81%Overall Score

• Re-sampling of Flo Rida’s hip-hop hit
• Tropical vibe with lovely percussion work
• KSHMR showcasing his sound-design expertise

Not the “worst summer track” of 2022 that I have come across, but I am delighted by the new creation from KSHMR, “Anywhere’s Home“. After a couple of under-the-radar singles, the American producer has made a bolder return with a sumptuous composition that could snag a position of becoming a late-summer hit. Wonder why it didn’t come out in June, though.

Anyways, timing differences aside, after “Wake Me Up“, there has been a flood of Avicii-devoted clones in the last years. It’s a tried and tested catchy formula that works, including sentimental lyrics and a breezy guitar coupled with progressive house drop. KSHMR started from these essential aspects and tuned in many more minor details: please notice the almost-tribal percussions and those chords!

The drop comes off as unexpected since it re-uses the infamous whistling in Flo Rida’s hit “Whistle“, with a few changes in the notes and a whole KSHMR type substructure used as a bassline. Mind you, this is light years ahead of a lazy rework; there’s championing that brazen 2012 hip-hop track in a near-almost coincidence. Personally, the percussions are lovely, the vocal excellent (great work, mysterious singer!), and the wobbling lead in the background capable of putting a sweeter Tropical vibe.

KSHMR holds his mastery in sound design, and half of the scene uses his sound packs irrespective of their genres. With “Anywhere’s Home,” it’s a confirmation that he hasn’t lost grasp of these skills if someone still had doubts, and he can use them to create radio-friendly hits at will. Now, that’s how you revamp a classic!

You can listen to “Anywhere’s Home” here:

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