Whales & CURE97 – Big Room

Whales & CURE97 - Big Room

72%Overall Score

• Glitchy elements, experimental drops
• Misleading title
• Hypnotic aura with a mysterious allure

Whales (aka Sex Whales) has returned to our blog with another smasher, made in cooperation with producer CURE97. Honestly, the title got me intrigued as I am an avid listener of “Big Room”. Don’t be fooled – this one is a fierce bomb showing Whales’ musical prowess in Dubstep.

The journey begins with a spellbinding prologue that ensnares listeners with glitching sound effects. As the beat progresses, both parties blend elements of Dubstep and Bass House, offering an auditory experience that hooks you from start to finish! The diversity of tones and the dominating bassline contributes to a realm steeped in the bass-infused lure.

It’s the climax, however, that truly steals the show. Whales fortified the bassline with each successive drop, leading to an addictive and dance-inducing rhythm that leaves an indelible impression. The roaring bass and sharp lead synths elevate the track to another notch, delivering a thrilling and surprising experience!

With the audience eagerly anticipating the release of his forthcoming LP, Whales is ready to etch a hard-to-forget chapter on his legacy. If the LP includes such a deeper expedition into the genre, I am sure that it will be accepted as something extraordinary by the community, and especially us reviewers.

“Big Room” is a Dubstep knockout that cements the involved pair’s position as a leading force in the scene. Don’t miss this one out, it’s quite electrifying!

You can listen to “Big Room” here: