YL – Eclipse

YL - Eclipse

71%Overall Score

• Too many fillers, subjectively
• Tough bassline, adventurous breakdown
• Fiery drops

On this occasion, I am sharing some classic Trap created by the German producer YL with a plethora of minuscule details blending over Electro influences. Inspired by the likes of bigwigs such as Take/Five and Fabian Mazur, YL is incorporating the usual elements towards a cinematic direction, with a fascinating breakdown sequence and a deeper exploration in the drops.

“Eclipse” has that glitchy attitude that immediately held my attention, sparkling with a powerful drop that hosts a complex melody. Trap samples are brimming here (such as whistling fills, horns, and one-shots), a choice that didn’t satisfy as it seemed to bloat the schematic with familiar sounds. Minimalism, if done well, is effective in Trap so filling the gaps with conventional fillers wasn’t worth the effort, in my opinion. This is one aspect that is common throughout YL’s catalog (check “Astra”), a sort of signature.

Although, the breakdown with its ethereal mood and unique design for the drop (even though inspired by some of Fabian Mazur’s creations), is what makes “Eclipse” an inspiring encounter. This is a compelling release from an artist who already has a string of releases on Tribal Trap and Trap Nation, being very active lately with original releases. This is a great starting point for someone discovering YL!

You can listen to “Eclipse” here: