Winning Team – Fire

• Heads back to peak-time Big Room style
• Nostalgic characteristic with lesser experimentation
• Energetic and explosive drop sequences

Intensity Recordings has opted to slow down its pace lately… being a fan of carefully, well-selected smaller catalogue, I back this decision entirely. For example, “Fire” seems like an excellent pick from the label: everything from this Winning Team production screams “we are bringing back Big Room in all its glory”. That’s right, although the quest has been taken slightly too literally.

In particular, “Fire” pays an homage to the Ummet Ozcan style (like “Smash”. featuring a similar lead) during 2014-15 and obviously, Blasterjaxx. A cheery detail can be noticed as the Finnish ensemble developed their idea, focusing on the breakdown: the classic drop doesn’t capture much experimentations. However, it is fun to analyze the attention towards boosting the energy in the break, culminating all-together in an explosive sequence that enthralls during the second minute. There’s a sudden acquaintance with the super-saws, bringing the hype level to an uncharted degree, before the narrative ends with the final drop. Naturally, I can’t sideline the splendid vocal from an uncredited singer: normal lyrics, but enough passion and vibrancy for adding that pinch of quality to the rest of the arrangements.

As said, the drop hasn’t been overdone (except for a couple of unusual fills): that’s something one could easily find on say Revealed or Spinnin’ half a decade ago. From one side, it’s a testament of quality, as the sound design excels here; on the other side, I was hoping for the quartette to embed more courageous twist on one of the most overused blueprints in history of Dance music. As I will explain in the conclusion, this choice however, makes sense.

“Fire” may sound a bit dated, but it’s evidently focusing on its nostalgic attitude and not trying a different approach altogether with these elements (a strategy common in Winning Team’s signature). We are perhaps so used to complain about the lack of “good old Big Room” that when we actually get one, we forget that the schematic is several years old. Sometimes, it’s just feel good to bring back memories and just have fun, and that’s what “Fire” exactly does.

You can listen to “Fire” here:

Intensity Recordings · Winning Team – Fire