WLLWS – Back

• Future House with Jungle Terror sounds
• Plenty of details
• Great bassline

Before proceeding, here’s the premise: I am not really into the Experimental scene in the US right now, where Dubstep, Trap, and many other genres get combined in creative ways. In WLLWS, I see the influences from artists such as Moore Kismet and Ekali, just to give some context as reviewing “Back” is out of my comfort zone. Pardon me for any vagueness, but I felt the need to talk about this beautiful composition and its peculiarities.

Our protagonist, WLLWS, is an independent creator from San Francisco, with several releases in his discography with a hiatus of eight months in his recent discography. From his pitch, he was willing to quit making music, but he created “Back” after a trip to Colombia.

Without a first listen to WLLWS’s other songs, it is difficult to conjure a clear description of “Back”, as words aren’t enough to describe the exotic ambiance and its fight against the very innovative drop. The genre may be House or Future House, with heavy glitches and Trap-inspired elements. There is also a Jungle Terror vibe in the background, thanks to some genial drums.

The outcome is linear, apparently, with a catchy melody and a calm intro… and the elements are introduced one after the other: vocal chops, guitar, and then a lead that strikes a resemblance to the one in “We Found Love” by Calvin Harris and Rihanna. Then, the distortions kick in with the drop, featuring a superlative bassline. The American producer played around at the edges of this melody, showing and hiding fills and percussions; or playing with the bassline and other minor details, ultimately presenting an experience difficult to forget but harder to grasp at the first listen.

“Back” is recommendable, along with the other great tracks from him, which showcases a lot of his unique style. “How U Want” and “Around Me” (to name a few) carry the same roaring personality of “Back”, if you are craving for more. There is a lot to scout here!

You can listen to “Back” here:

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