yetep, Manila Killa and MYRNE Align as Melodic Supergroup STARSIGNS With Debut Single ‘Leo (Flicker)’

Dancefloor warriors, brace yourselves because a new force is emerging in the soundscape galaxy – STARSIGNS. This isn’t your typical project; it’s a supergroup melodic trio formed by industry staples yetep, Manila Killa, and MYRNE. Their debut single, ‘Leo (Flicker)‘ featuring the stellar vocals of George Gleeson, marks a bursting launch into the cosmos of dance music.

STARSIGNS is all about capturing the essence of that golden era of EDM we all know and love. Think progressive house anthems, timeless rave vibes, and enough mainstage energy to fuel a shooting star. Channeling the power of the Zodiac, STARSIGNS promise a listening experience that’ll trigger major nostalgia blasts.

Their debut single, ‘Leo (Flicker),’embodies the passionate spirit of the Leo zodiac sign. Gleeson’s powerful vocals, co-written with chart-topping hitmaker Liam Geddes, ignite raw emotions. The lyrics explore the fear of losing something precious, clinging to that flickering hope of rekindling a flame. Musically, the track is an ode to old school progressive house vibes but with a modern twist. Imagine gentle guitar whispers and ethereal pads giving way to a pulsating progressive house groove. Stuttering vocal effects add texture, building anticipation for the drop – a pure dance floor explosion.

Speaking about the debut single collectively, STARSIGNS had this to say:

In matters of the heart, Leo, today encourages bold expressions of love and passion. If single, a chance encounter might spark an exciting connection. Those in relationships should take the lead in planning a romantic gesture or heartfelt conversation. Your confidence and charm are your allies, making it a perfect day to deepen connections or pursue new love interests. Open your heart, and let your warmth and generosity draw closer bonds. Listen to yourself, and ‘Leo (Flicker),’ today.”

One week after revealing their first single, STARSIGNS will host their debut live performance together at Lost In Dreams festival in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles at LA Historic Park, taking place Friday, July 12, and Saturday, July 13th. They will share the stage with like-minded artists in the melodic space, including performances from Adventure Club, Seven Lions, Dab The Sky, Trivecta, Madeon, ARMNHMR, as well as label regulars EgzodCodekoHighlnd, and more. For more info, visit the official website