You Need to Hear the Tale of “Walmart Summit”

The social media age is a wild thing, and a living meme can be created with just one social media post. Have you heard the tale of “Walmart Summit”? We’re not talking about baldie John Summif. It’s the hilarious but tragic tale of a John Summit fanboy who learned a very hard lesson from John. He had his dreams come true (in more ways than one) only to have his entire world crumble before him as a result, all in the span of about an hour.

As the story goes, a young guy blind texts John Summit a selfie, apparently right after a sexual encounter with a girl who knows the real DJ. The girl reportedly told him she only had sex with him because he looked like a “Walmart version” of John Summit. The story must check out because she gave this guy John’s real number and his text was received. John Summit posted a screenshot of the text to his Instagram story.

The thing is, Walmart Summit has a girlfriend (WHOOPS!) and now his infidelity has been broadcast to the entire world. He then proceeds to blow up John’s phone begging him to delete the post because he’s going to get caught and his life would be ruined.

He was forced to learn a hard life lesson from the Experts Only boss. John said “sorry, but you made your bed and now you have to lay in it.” Are we sure John wasn’t a life coach, in addition to an accountant, prior to his DJ life?

It’s not all bad though. We’re pretty sure Walmart Summit will get plenty of fresh attention now. Plus, John promised to list him for an upcoming show and “put in a good word to the ladies” for him.