Bear Grillz and Riot Ten Join Forces on “Run It”

Bear Grillz, Riot Ten, and Bok Nero all join talents for the explosive release “Run It” on DIM MAK.

“Run It” begins with an eerie sound before quickly throwing on Bok Nero’s charged vocals on top, bringing a fusion of fury and power. Saturated with brazen claps and screaming synths that truly reflect Bear Grillz’s and Riot Ten’s creativity and unity in the studio, “Run It” emerges as a heavy hitter with the best of dubstep and even snippets of psytrance beats to blow minds. Needless to say, the track reaches new heights of hype.

Artists’ Comments

“I’ve known Riot Ten since 2014. I’m stoked we finally got to work together on a track and bring Bok Nero as well.”

Bear Grillz

“Bear Grillz and I have been friends for so long now and have talked about working together since day 1. He sent me an idea and I instantly knew what I could do with it. I think it’s the perfect blend of both our styles, and Bok Nero always throws down great vocals.”

Riot Ten

“I work out to the lyrics.” “It motivates me to get up, get out and chase the bag. Tomorrow ain’t promised but we got right now so run it up!!”

Bok Nero

Stream “Run It” on DIM MAK here.