Boris Brejcha Announces 2024 Studio Album – Lead Single: ‘Vienna (feat. Malena Narvay)’ Out Now!

German hitmaker Boris Brejcha returns to the spotlight today with the announcement of his forthcoming studio project and the release of his all-new single, ‘Vienna (ft. Malena Narvay).’ Out now via Fckng Serious, the track is the first of the album singles to be released and is accompanied by an equally-artistic music video shot in the exquisite Austrian capital of Vienna. The imaginative video depicts Argentinian actress and singer Malena Narvay and “The Joker” in a trippy, dance-fueled dreamland. With the album slated to be unveiled in early 2024, fans can expect further releases on the horizon- showcasing the evolution of Brejcha’s staple “high-tech minimal” sound and what new chapters are yet to come. Listen here.

‘Vienna’ highlights Boris Brejcha’s colorful production juxtaposed with his usual shadow of mystery- all packaged within a high-energy, electronic journey. The dance music pioneer enlists rising star Malena Narvay who sings, Music is you, can you feel it?” throughout the track. Narvay’s otherworldly vocals are masterfully layered with a unique, accordion-driven melody and an irresistible bassline- resulting in a tune that sounds and feels like the busy summer streets of Austria. 

“It came about as it often does. Pure coincidence. We found each other on Instagram, exchanged a few messages, and then came the idea to make a song together. Her voice is outstandingly beautiful and fits exactly into the song. It was an extremely beautiful and very uncomplicated collaboration.” 

— Boris Brejcha
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When deciding on a location to film the project, it was a no-brainer- as the staple instrument, the accordion, originated in Vienna. The innovative music video depicts the world-renowned DJ and producer as a human-sized wind-up doll- which Narvay brings from the pristine halls of a Viennese villa to a journey around the country’s capital. 

With multiple “Top 100 DJs” awards from DJ Mag, sold-out shows across the globe, and numerous chart-toppers- the widely-celebrated talent is no stranger to standing out. Brejcha is known for wearing his recognizable Carnival-inspired mask during every performance- including at his world-renowned “In Concert” shows. His recorded sets with French streaming channel Cercle at the legendary Grand Palais and his set from the incomparable electro festival, Tomorrowland, have amassed over 140 million views on YouTube alone. Brejcha has further caught over 1.6 million monthly Spotify listeners through his uniqueness and eye for innovation.