Chris Avantgarde Returns to Afterlife with ‘Perception’

After spending over a year as one of Afterlife‘s most anticipated ID tracks, Chris Avantgarde has blessed us with his newest single ‘Perception.’ A haunting, entrancing, and thumping techno track, ‘Perception’ is a grandiose composition, full of emotion and poignant moments. Chris Avantgarde shifts our awareness with this new single. Check it out below.

Chris Avantgarde is a German-born, UK-based recording artist, producer, and composer. A regular member of the Afterlife family, the producer has teamed up with Anyma on recent outings, including ‘Simulation‘ last month as well as ‘Eternity,’ and ‘Consciousness,’ both of which appeared on Anyma’s debut album, Genesys, released this past August and received with widespread acclaim.

With this new single, Avantgarde embarks on a solo quest to stir the very core of our being. With its haunting vocals and a distinct air of mystique, ‘Perception’ marks another incredible standout moment of a phenomenal 2023 for the label.