Colyn Remixes The Classic ‘Never Say Never’ By Armin van Buuren & Jacqueline Govaert

Following several reinterpretations of classics brought by Armada Music for the new generations, Armin van Buuren‘s ‘Never Say Never‘ receives an epic remix by Colyn. This work takes the original and upscales the trance into a massive festival-loaded progressive anthem, ready for the heights of Summer’s open-air arenas and beyond.

After the releasement of the highly anticipated track ‘Motive‘ and making a special remix for ‘Live Without Love from David Guetta and SHOUSE, Armin van Buuren receives an outstanding version for one of his most special tracks. He released ‘Never Say Never‘ 15 years ago as part of his 3rd studio album Imagine, now with Colyn’s prodigious abilities, this track will captivate this generation.


Colyn’s Remix

‘Never Say Never’ embodies broad crossover appeal. At first, it is a bit slow but deeply immersive both in the essence of the original track and in the new proposal brought to us by the DJ and remixer. At times, especially when Jacqueline’s incredible voice makes an appearance, we can notice the impressive resemblance to Colyn’s own original songs, such as ‘Oxygen Level Low’ or ‘Wait For You’ but with the synth sound special touch that all Armin fans fell in love with when he released this single in 2008.

This track ends with a perfect balance of melodic techno and progressive house that Colyn has as his hallmark. Adding, puts Jacqueline Govaert’s impressive performance in the spotlight, as the catchy vocal melody kicks off the track. In conclusion, the 2023 version of this classic will be liked by lovers of the current sounds of melodic and house as well as the nostalgic trance family, who will appreciate how respectful it is with the original creation of the King of Trance.

You can listen to Armin van Buuren- ‘Never Say Never’ (Colyn remix) below!