David Grutman Launches DGN Studios Production Company

Miami’s dynamic entrepreneur, David Grutman, is entering a groundbreaking chapter, further elevating his illustrious career. He does so with the launch of just announced DGN Studios. As a revered hospitality mogul shaping the city’s vibrant nightlife and dining scene, Grutman aims to leave an indelible mark in film and television. With a strategic first-look deal alongside Peter Berg’s Film 45, DGN Studios promises an exhilarating tapestry of content. The studio will make its debut by weaving captivating documentaries on DJ Black Coffee and the acclaimed restaurant Papi Steak.

In an exclusive interview, Grutman passionately expressed his dedication to storytelling. Further, he emphasizes encountering countless inspiring individuals through his work, whose stories inherently demand amplification. This fervor translated seamlessly into a groundbreaking collaboration with industry titans Patrick Whitesell and Mark Shapiro. Ultimately, this culminated in an unprecedented deal with Film 45.

Where Hospitality Meets Hollywood

DGN Studios will run under the astute guidance of Executive VP Evan Rosenfeld. This alone fuses the destinies of two visionaries who serendipitously crossed paths 18 years ago. Rosenfeld, celebrated for his contributions to Miami-centric documentaries, intricately shares Grutman’s DNA and vision. Together, they aspire to construct a cinematic universe intertwined with Grutman’s business ventures, friendships, experiences, and relationships.

The inaugural project, a documentary spotlighting Black Coffee, serves as a testament to Grutman’s unparalleled access and unwavering commitment to narrating extraordinary tales. The storyline navigates the DJ’s evolution from the VIP crowd to a resonating global voice for South Africa.

Lights, Camera, Entrepreneurship

Beyond documentaries, DGN Studios ventures into unscripted reality and competition series, including a TV adaptation of Grutman’s esteemed entrepreneurship class, The David Grutman Experience. Furthermore, this immersive odyssey into entrepreneurship and creativity not only aims to entertain but also to enlighten. DGN Studios aims to inspire a broader audience, transcending the confines of FIU‘s consistently sold-out classrooms.

As a definitive testament to the studio’s versatility, upcoming projects encompass a docu-series with Hulu, meticulously following Papi Steak’s co-owner, David “Papi” Einhorn. In conclusion, the strategic collaboration with Live Nation Entertainment further solidifies Grutman’s pervasive influence in both the realms of entertainment and hospitality.

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