[Event Review] Mayan Warrior’s Heartfelt Farewell at the Brooklyn Mirage

Album photo credits: Bryan Kwon

This past weekend marked a bittersweet but heartfelt final event for the Mayan Warrior showcase at the Brooklyn Mirage. This was a special Burning Man Farewell Fundraiser after the Mayan Warrior art car tragically burned down a few months back. For those unaware, the art car has made rounds around the world starting from 2011 and provided countless moments of laughter, wonder, tears, dancing, and connection. Lifetime long friendships were formed from fellow ravers who bonded through all the events that the Mayan Warrior has put together.

For years, the Mayan Warrior has brought their art cart for events in New York City. While those attending the special night could not bear witness to the history and vibrance that it exuded, there were still thousands in attendance to celebrate the night away. Prior to the lineup announcement, it was shared that the event would feature a mix of Mexican and global talent in the house/techno scene. The night started at 8pm and went all the way to sunrise. Both the outdoor sanctuary, Brooklyn Mirage and Kings Hall were open for ravers to dance away the night. Over at the Mirage, they had Illich Mujica, Omri Samadar, Echonomost, Mano Le Tough and Kaz James. In the Kings Hall, the lineup consisted of Holder, John Noseda, Serge Devant, and Madmotormiquel.

photo credits: Bryan Kwon

After the new installation of BK Mirage’s ultra wide LED screen and advanced pyrotechnics, its always a magical night at the iconic venue. Throughout the night, scenes from the Playa were projected for attendees to immerse themselves with the rich Mayan Warrior culture. In the middle of the stage was the brands signature triangle piece which was a sight to behold for past attendees and newcomers. Scattered through the venue was merchandise vendors where you could buy merch to don and join into the Burning Man vibe that night. Besides the top notch production of lasers and visuals, the vibes were immaculate that night as everyone was there to bear witness to one of the last Mayan warrior showcases on the East Coast.

photo credits: Bryan Kwon

On Tuesday, Mayan Warrior had this to share to their followers on Instagram:

“What an incredible weekend that was, our hearts are full Thank you all for joining us this past Saturday for what was an emotional and nostalgic journey. Seeing the crowd so abundant with love and joy took us back home to the playa where it all started. Home is where the heart is What sparked from an idea out in the shape shifting desert plains has manifested itself into a global outreach uniting a community of doers and dreamers We are forever grateful for all the love and support we received this past week”.

There will be one more final farewell fundraiser in Los Angeles and will complete this phase of the Warrior, but make way for new beginnings.

photo credits: Bryan Kwon