Flosstradamus records PSA on dangers of marijuana ahead of 4/20

April has officially begun, and as the days draw closer to the fateful 4/20/20, Flosstradamus has an important public service announcement for all the stoners looking to hotbox the planet in celebration of the month-long 4/20. Despite his notoriety as one of dance music’s biggest proponents of blazing up, even having hosted HDYFEST at Red Rocks on 4/20 in 2017, Curt Cameruci (better known as Flosstradamus) had a few words of wisdom to impart to his HDYNATION crew.

The Chicago-based trap pioneer took to Instagram to deliver both educational and personal advice on the topic of marijuana. Cameruci showed off a brand new exclusive Flosstradamus x D.A.R.E. merch tee before revealing the PSA was made in collaboration with the infamous program.

He explains, “I used to be all about that mary jane, but it messed with me on so many levels. My memory got bad—I’d come up with an awesome beat and would just forget it a couple minutes later. It crushed my creativity. There was a period where I ate 10 bags of takis per day. I gained twenty pounds, but I couldn’t stop. It was an addiction.”

Cameruci also revealed that stoner lifestyle indirectly led to the split from ex-Flosstradamus member Josh Young. He details, “One day, Josh just told me that he wasn’t into smoking bud. I just couldn’t believe he didn’t want to burn anymore. It felt like the ultimate betrayal. Things just went downhill from there.” The two former partners have since reconciled their differences.

Watch Flosstradamus’ 4/20 PSA here.

Note: Yes, today is April Fools’ Day, and we decided to have a little fun with the day, amid a relatively bleak moment in time for us collectively. Rather than serving up slick “gotchas” this year we aimed to bring a smile to your face, albeit a cheeky one, even for a moment. Fake news, fear, and uncertainty aside, we figured we’d wade into the shallowest end of The Onion‘s territory for a little fun today. Take a breath, wash your hands, smile. Today isn’t so bad. Be safe and Happy April Fools’ Day.