Gareth Emery releases ‘Elise’ with DIY music video during lockdown [Watch]

COVID-19 lockdowns are hitting everyone differently. Like many artists having to cancel touring and halt travel plans, Gareth Emery is no different. Ahead of his long-awaited fourth studio album the British DJ/producer has unveiled “Elise” alongside an emotional music video.

While his initial shooting plans fell apart, he was able to put together a guerrilla operation using a tiny crew, iPhones, and his own editing skills. The track is euphoric in nature as Emery hones in on his beloved trance sound with melodic leads, fitting perfectly under an impactful video. It follows the LA-based artist through a quarantined city, struggling to fly home to Europe and be with his family. He eventually makes it, ending the video with the message of “We’ll be OK,” a quick allusion to previous single “You’ll Be Ok.” Emery shared some words on the video:

“It’s my favorite music video I’ve ever made. Not because the editing or filming is the best—it isn’t—but because it provides a message of hope…It was also important to me to highlight the lives indirectly impacted by this tragedy. I stand behind a period of lockdown to protect our most vulnerable, but the impact on local businesses and the people that run them is also devastating, and that is no more apparent than on the ground in Los Angeles.”

Emery’s The Lasers LP is set for a July 2020 release, and “Elise” is the project’s closing track. Listen below.